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Free Hands

“The choice of the best raw materials, personally selected, and the respect of their season availability, but also the delicacy in cooking, technological innovation in the methods of execution and continuous commitment in production, that satisfies the palate as well as the view”

"Free Hands" is the philosophy of life and work of Emanuele Saracino.

Hands, instruments to work and of know-how, find freedom in the expression of creativity and hard work. With love, passion and humility, Emanuele Saracino knows how to use hands to shape his ideas, to model the impalpable and to make real the unreal and the fantastic.

His kitchen and pastry so become the result of personal experiences and emotional interactions that forged with passion, enhance the Italian culinary tradition. In a creative and innovation path that  dodges mode and banality , and pursues education for "beautiful, good and healthy" food.

All this turns into a desire to express and to tell about themselves continuously. The choice of the best raw materials and personally selected, the respect of their seasonal availability, delicacy in cooking and technological innovation in the methods of execution and the steady commitment in the implementation are the main key for his dishes’ success.

Today, after he had explored and left his mark in kitchens all over the world, he continues his work surrounding himself with ordinary and motivated people, which he transfers all his knowledge. Irreverent, tenacious and always critical of himself, he explores the world of flavor looking for  "his missing element".