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The essence of all my product is hidden in the soul of its ingredients I look for the emphasis of those flavors in harmony between the elements and the emotions that are soaring in my mind.

It’s mine is a line of handcrafted products in a limited edition, created and produced by Emanuele Saracino and dedicated to lovers of taste. Ranges between sourdough products, bakery products and food-line. The attention to detail and the softness of his matches perfectly match its sophisticated style and elegant.


The production is limited. Is possible to buy products exclusively in Italy by sending your request to e-mail this on the product page.


It's mine

Panettone with natural yeast orange,
raisins, almond, vanilla and spices

Gran Cru'

Panettone with natural yeast,
chocolate, grand cru and orange peel


Panettone with natural yeast,
orange, nuts and cinnamon


Soft sweet with natural yeast,
grape mustard, almonds and lemon


Panettone with natural yeast,
saffron and liquorice


A cake that is a blend of flavors,
from almond to oil from citrus to spices


Delicious and refined
pastries made with almonds

Corn Biscuit

biscuit classic
with corn and almonds

Biscuits Cereals

Fine butter cookie with cereals
and chocolate chips